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2005 Volume 8 Issue 2

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Guest Editorial: Spaces, Logic, and Link Analysis in IR: Recent Advances From A Mathematical and Logical Perspective
Sándor Dominich | Mounia Lalmas | Keith van Rijsbergen

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Test Data Likelihood for PLSA Models
Thorsten Brants

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Dempster-Shafer Theory for a Query-Biased Combination of Evidence on the Web
Vassilis Plachouras | Iadh Ounis

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A Theoretical Study of a Generalized Version of Kleinberg's HITS Algorithm
Maristella Agosti | Luca Pretto

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Rank-Stability and Rank-Similarity of Link-Based Web Ranking Algorithms in Authority-Connected Graphs
Ronny Lempel | Shlomo Moran

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Varying Retrieval Categoricity Using Hyperbolic Geometry
Júlia Góth | Adrienn Skrop

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Complexity Reduction in Lattice-Based Information Retrieval
Karen S. K. Cheung | Douglas R. Vogel

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Personalised Indexing and Retrieval of Heterogeneous Structured Documents
Gloria Bordogna | Gabriella Pasi

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On Event Spaces and Probabilistic Models in Information Retrieval
Stephen E. Robertson

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Data Driven Similarity Measures for k-Means Like Clustering Algorithms
Jacob Kogan | Marc Teboulle | Charles K. Nicholas