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2005 Volume 56 Issue 1

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Bert R. Boyce

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Firm-like behavior of journals? Scaling properties of their output and impact growth dynamics
Frank Havemann | Michael Heinz | Roland Wagner-Döbler

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The social and discursive construction of computing skills
Sanna Talja

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When is enough enough? Modeling the information-seeking and stopping behavior of senior arts administrators
Lisl Zach

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Worldwide use and impact of the NASA Astrophysics Data System digital library
Michael J. Kurtz | Günther Eichhorn | Alberto Accomazzi | Carolyn Stern-Grant | Markus Demleitner | Stephen S. Murray

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Toward an alternative notion of information systems ontologies: Information engineering as a hermeneutic enterprise
Frederico T. Fonseca | James E. Martin

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Article impact calculated over arbitrary periods
Tove Faber Frandsen | Ronald Rousseau

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PageRank and Interaction Information Retrieval
Sándor Dominich | Adrienn Skrop

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A flexible interface design for Web directories to accommodate different cognitive styles
Sherry Y. Chen | George D. Magoulas | Dionisios Dimakopoulos

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Scatter of journals and literature obsolescence reflected in document delivery requests
Yasar Tonta | Yurdagül Ünal

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Profile, needs, and expectations of information professionals: What we learned from the 2003 ASIST membership survey
Liwen Vaughan | Trudi Bellardo Hahn

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Are two document clusters better than one? The Cluster Performance Question for information retrieval
Robert M. Losee | Lewis Church Jr.