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2005 Volume 56 Issue 3

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Introduction to the special topic issue: Intelligence and security informatics
Hsinchun Chen

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Technology, security, and individual privacy: New tools, new threats, and new public perceptions
Lee S. Strickland | Laura E. Hunt

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User acceptance of Intelligence and Security Informatics technology: A study of COPLINK
Paul Jen-Hwa Hu | Chienting Lin | Hsinchun Chen

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Sensitive information: A review and research agenda
E. Dale Thompson | Michelle L. Kaarst-Brown

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A semi-supervised active learning algorithm for information extraction from textual data
Tianhao Wu | William M. Pottenger

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Automatic crosslingual thesaurus generated from the Hong Kong SAR Police Department Web corpus for crime analysis
Kar Wing Li | Christopher C. Yang

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Trust-based secure information sharing between federal government agencies
Peng Liu | Amit Chetal

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Optimizing anti-terrorism resource allocation
Steven R. Haynes | Thomas George Kannampallil | Lawrence L. Larson | Nitesh Garg

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Addressing the homeland security problem: A collaborative decision-making framework
T. S. Raghu | Ram Ramesh | Andrew B. Whinston