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2005 Volume 56 Issue 4

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Bert R. Boyce

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How users assess Web pages for information seeking
Anastasios Tombros | Ian Ruthven | Joemon M. Jose

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Supporting user-subjective categorization with self-organizing maps and learning vector quantization
Dina Goren-Bar | Tsvi Kuflik

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The use of reliability techniques to predict the recovery rate of recovering alcohol addicts
Kathryn E. B. Thornton | A. Lazzarini

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Digital identity matters
Arthur Allison | James Currall | Michael Moss | Susan Stuart

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The anticipated and assessed contribution of information types in references retrieved for preparing a research proposal
Sami Serola | Pertti Vakkari

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Instruments of cognition: Use of citations and Web links in online teaching materials
Anita Coleman

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Validation of a model of information seeking over multiple search sessions
Shin-jeng Lin | Nicholas J. Belkin

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Internetworking of factors affecting successive searches over multiple episodes
Shin-jeng Lin