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2005 Volume 8 Issue 3

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Tiziana Catarci | John Mylopoulos | Maria E. Orlowska

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An XML-Based Approach to Publishing and Querying the History of Databases
Fusheng Wang | Carlo Zaniolo

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Towards Ontology Generation from Tables
Yuri A. Tijerino | David W. Embley | Deryle W. Lonsdale | Yihong Ding | George Nagy

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XQBE: A Graphical Environment to Query XML Data
Daniele Braga | Alessandro Campi

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Mining User Preferences, Page Content and Usage to Personalize Website Navigation
Sergio Flesca | Sergio Greco | Andrea Tagarelli | Ester Zumpano

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B-CWB: Bilingual Comparative Web Browser Based on Content-Synchronization and Viewpoint Retrieval
Akiyo Nadamoto | Qiang Ma | Katsumi Tanaka