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2005 Volume 8 Issue 4

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Guest Editor's Introduction
Wenyin Liu | Yuanchun Shi | Hai Zhuge

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Automatically Generating an E-textbook on the Web
Jing Chen | Qing Li | Weijia Jia

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Interoperability for Elearning Services Management and Provision
Lily Sun | Yan Fu

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Studying the XML Web: Gathering Statistics from an XML Sample
Denilson Barbosa | Laurent Mignet | Pierangelo Veltri

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A Context-Aware HTML/XML Document Transmission Process for Mobile Wireless Clients
Huamin Chen | Prasant Mohapatra

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Automatic Discovery and Inferencing of Complex Bioinformatics Web Interfaces
Anne H. H. Ngu | Daniel Rocco | Terence Critchlow | David Buttler

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Searching for Flash Movies on the Web: A Content and Context Based Framework
Jun Yang | Qing Li | Liu Wenyin | Yueting Zhuang