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2006 Volume 42 Issue 4

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A decision-theoretic approach to the evaluation of information retrieval systems
Ye Diana Wang | Guisseppi A. Forgionne

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Performance of query processing implementations in ranking-based text retrieval systems using inverted indices
Berkant Barla Cambazoglu | Cevdet Aykanat

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Performance prediction of data fusion for information retrieval
Shengli Wu | Sally I. McClean

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Efficient online index maintenance for contiguous inverted lists
Nicholas Lester | Justin Zobel | Hugh E. Williams

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Automatic new topic identification using multiple linear regression
Seda Özmutlu

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Automatic building of new Field Association word candidates using search engine
El-Sayed Atlam | Elmarhomy Ghada | Kazuhiro Morita | Masao Fuketa | Jun-ichi Aoe

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Information extraction from research papers using conditional random fields
Fuchun Peng | Andrew McCallum

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An ensemble of transliteration models for information retrieval
Jong-Hoon Oh | Key-Sun Choi

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Stemming to improve translation lexicon creation form bitexts
Mohamed Abdel Fattah | Fuji Ren | Shingo Kuroiwa

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Dictionary-based text categorization of chemical web pages
Chunyan Liang | Li Guo | Zhaojie Xia | Feng-Guang Nie | Xiaoxia Li | Liang Su | Zhangyuan Yang

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The conflict detection and resolution in knowledge merging for image annotation
Cheng-Yu Lee | Von-Wun Soo

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Effective search results summary size and device screen size: Is there a relationship?
Simon O. Sweeney | Fabio Crestani

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The effectiveness of Web search engines for retrieving relevant ecommerce links
Bernard J. Jansen | Paulo R. Molina

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A study of the metadata creation behavior of different user groups on the Internet
Jin Zhang | Iris Jastram

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The influence of task and gender on search and evaluation behavior using Google
Lori Lorigo | Bing Pan | Helene Hembrooke | Thorsten Joachims | Laura A. Granka | Geri Gay

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Online Course: Text Mining by (
Donald K. Wedding II