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2006 Volume 9 Issue 3

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Construction of query concepts based on feature clustering of documents
Youjin Chang | Minkoo Kim | Vijay V. Raghavan

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Word normalization and decompounding in mono- and bilingual IR
Eija Airio

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Extreme value theory applied to document retrieval from large collections
David Madigan | Yehuda Vardi | Ishay Weissman

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Multilingual modeling of cross-lingual spelling variants
Krister Lindén

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Evolving local and global weighting schemes in information retrieval
Ronan Cummins | Colm O'Riordan

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A goodness of fit test approach in information retrieval
Kostas Fragos | Yannis Maistros

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User modelling using evolutionary interactive reinforcement learning
Henry O. Nyongesa | Saeedeh Maleki-Dizaji

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A study of mixture models for collaborative filtering
Rong Jin | Luo Si | Chengxiang Zhai

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New Directions in Question Answering
Saliha Azzam | Kevin Humphreys

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Review of Profiling Machines: Mapping the Personal Information Economy
Kevin C. Desouza