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2006 Volume 9 Issue 4

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Introduction to the special issue on the 27th European Conference on Information Retrieval Research
David E. Losada | Juan M. Fernández-Luna

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Noun phrases in interactive query expansion and document ranking
Olga Vechtomova

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Experiments with dictionary-based CLIR using graded relevance assessments: Improving effectiveness by pseudo-relevance feedback
Raija Lehtokangas | Heikki Keskustalo | Kalervo Järvelin

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Can constrained relevance feedback and display strategies help users retrieve items on mobile devices?
Vishwa Vinay | Ingemar J. Cox | Natasa Milic-Frayling | Kenneth R. Wood

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User evaluation of ontology as query construction tool
Sari Suomela | Jaana Kekäläinen

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Full-text federated search of text-based digital libraries in peer-to-peer networks
Jie Lu | Jamie Callan

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TSP and cluster-based solutions to the reassignment of document identifiers
Roi Blanco | Alvaro Barreiro