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2006 Volume 9 Issue 6

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Delta-distance: A family of dissimilarity metrics between images represented by multi-level feature vectors
Marta Rukoz | Maude Manouvrier | Geneviève Jomier

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A relatedness analysis of government regulations using domain knowledge and structural organization
Gloria T. Lau | Kincho H. Law | Gio Wiederhold

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Swedish full text retrieval: Effectiveness of different combinations of indexing strategies with query terms
Per Ahlgren | Jaana Kekäläinen

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Evaluating the effectiveness of content-oriented XML retrieval methods
Norbert Gövert | Norbert Fuhr | Mounia Lalmas | Gabriella Kazai

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Precision prediction based on ranked list coherence
Steve Cronen-Townsend | Yun Zhou | W. Bruce Croft