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2006 Volume 57 Issue 11

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Carol L. Barry

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Toward a model of the everyday life information needs of urban teenagers, Part 2: Empirical model
Denise E. Agosto | Sandra Hughes-Hassell

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Ranking indirect connections in literature-based discovery: The role of medical subject headings
Don R. Swanson | Neil R. Smalheiser | Vetle I. Torvik

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Broad exploration or precise specificity: Two basic information seeking patterns among students
Jannica Heinström

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Technology clusters: Using multidimensional scaling to evaluate and structure technology clusters
Arun Vishwanath | Hao Chen

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Visualizing the scientific world and its evolution
I. Samoylenko | T.-C. Chao | Wei-Chih Liu | Chi-Ming Chen

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Classification and powerlaws: The logarithmic transformation
Loet Leydesdorff | Stephen J. Bensman

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Author Cocitation Analysis is to intellectual structure as Web Colink Analysis is to ...?
Alesia A. Zuccala

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Introduction to the special topic section on the computational analysis of style
Shlomo Argamon

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Learning to classify documents according to genre
Aidan Finn | Nicholas Kushmerick

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Feature instability as a criterion for selecting potential style markers
Moshe Koppel | Navot Akiva | Ido Dagan

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Structural and affective aspects of music from statistical audio signal analysis
Shlomo Dubnov | Stephen McAdams | Roger Reynolds

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A qualitative feature-based characterization of 2D architectural style
Julie R. Jupp | John S. Gero

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Modal relationships as stylistic features: Examples from Seljuk and Celtic patterns
Mine Özkar | Nyssim Lefford

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The numerical equivalence between the impact factor of journals and the quality of the articles
Eduardo Figueredo