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2006 Volume 57 Issue 12

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In this issue
Carol L. Barry

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User preference: A measure of query-term quality
Nina Wacholder | Lu Liu

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Web links and search engine ranking: The case of Google and the query "jew"
Judit Bar-Ilan

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Extracting link chains of relationship instances from a Web site
Myo-Myo Naing | Ee-Peng Lim | Roger H. L. Chiang

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fKWIC: Frequency-based keyword-in-context index for filtering Web search results
Mika Käki

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Co-occurrence matrices and their applications in information science: Extending ACA to the Web environment
Loet Leydesdorff | Liwen Qiu Vaughan

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The Open Video Digital Library: A Möbius strip of research and practice
Gary Marchionini | Barbara M. Wildemuth | Gary Geisler

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Are raw RSS feeds suitable for broad issue scanning? A science concern case study
Mike Thelwall | Rudy Prabowo | Ruth Fairclough

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A reference model for user-system interaction in thesaurus-based searching
Dorothee Blocks | Daniel Cunliffe | Douglas Tudhope

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Who will you ask? An empirical study of interpersonal task information seeking
Yunjie Xu | Bernard C. Y. Tan | Li Yang

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Modeling successful performance in Web searching
Anne Aula | Klaus Nordhausen

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A cluster-based approach for efficient content-based image retrieval using a similarity-preserving space transformation method
Biren Shah | Vijay V. Raghavan | Praveen Dhatric | Xiaoquan Zhao

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Qualitative research for the information professional: A practical handbook
Denise E. Agosto

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Creation, use, and deployment of digital information
Yukika Awazu

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Democratizing innovation
John Cullen