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2006 Volume 57 Issue 13

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In this issue
Carol L. Barry

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Toward an understanding of Web-based subscription database acceptance
Jong-Ae Kim

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Measuring online information seeking context, Part 1: Background and method
Diane Kelly

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Collaborative information synthesis I: A model of information behaviors of scientists in medicine and public health
Catherine Blake | Wanda Pratt

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ASIS to ASIS&T: A society in transition?
Maureen L. Mackenzie

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What does it mean to be an author? The intersection of credit, contribution, and collaboration in science
Jeremy P. Birnholtz

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Web crawling ethics revisited: Cost, privacy, and denial of service
Mike Thelwall | David Stuart

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Information arts and information science: Time to unite?
Murat Karamuftuoglu

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Intellectual property information: A comparative analysis of main information providers
Mechtild Stock | Wolfgang G. Stock

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Measuring the utility of journals in the crime-psychology field: Beyond the impact factor
Glenn D. Walters

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A dual-level analysis of the capability development process: A case study of TT&T
Shan Ling Pan | Gary S. C. Pan | Ming H. Hsieh

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Comparative citation analysis of duplicate or highly related publications
Gerhard Knothe

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Article decay in the digital environment: An analysis of usage of OhioLINK by date of publication, employing deep log methods
Paul Huntington | David Nicholas | Hamid R. Jamali M. | Carol Tenopir

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Deflating information: From science studies to documentation
Olof Sundin

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CODE: Collaborative ownership and the digital economy
Jeff Shantz

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Link analysis: An information science approach
Gerald Benoît