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2006 Volume 57 Issue 5

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In this issue
Carol L. Barry

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Applying incremental tree induction to retrieval from manuals and medical texts
Kieran White | Richard F. E. Sutcliffe

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Can scientific journals be classified in terms of aggregated journal-journal citation relations using the Journal Citation Reports?
Loet Leydesdorff

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Cross-Evaluation: A new model for information system evaluation
Ying Sun | Paul B. Kantor

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Introduction to the special topic section on multilingual information systems
Christopher C. Yang | Wai Lam

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Conceptual analysis of parallel corpus collected from the Web
Kar Wing Li | Christopher C. Yang

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Translating-transliterating named entities for multilingual information access
Hsin-Hsi Chen | Wen-Cheng Lin | Changhua Yang | Wei-Hao Lin

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Exploiting the Web as the multilingual corpus for unknown query translation
Jenq-Haur Wang | Jei-Wen Teng | Wen-Hsiang Lu | Lee-Feng Chien

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Multilingual Web retrieval: An experiment in English-Chinese business intelligence
Jialun Qin | Yilu Zhou | Michael Chau | Hsinchun Chen

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The impact analysis of language differences on an automatic multilingual text summarization system
Fu Lee Wang | Christopher C. Yang

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User experiments with the Eurovision cross-language image retrieval system
Paul D. Clough | Mark Sanderson

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Which user interaction for cross-language information retrieval? Design issues and reflections
Daniela Petrelli | Stephen Levin | Micheline Beaulieu | Mark Sanderson

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Social capital and information technology
Patricia Galloway

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Shaping the network society: The new role of civil society in cyberspace
Pramod K. Nayar