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2006 Volume 57 Issue 6

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In this issue
Carol L. Barry

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On the development of name search techniques for Arabic
Syed Uzair Aqeel | Steven M. Beitzel | Eric C. Jensen | David A. Grossman | Ophir Frieder

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Finding nuggets in documents: A machine learning approach
Yi-fang Brook Wu | Quanzhi Li | Razvan Stefan Bot | Xin Chen

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Probabilistic topic decomposition of an eighteenth-century American newspaper
David J. Newman | Sharon Block

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A "stereo" document representation for textual information retrieval
Liang Chen | Jia Zeng | Naoyuki Tokuda

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Search user interfaces: Best practices and future visions
Misha W. Vaughan | Marc L. Resnick

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Best practices and future visions for search user interfaces
Marc L. Resnick | Misha W. Vaughan

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Designing a search user interface for a digital library
Lynne Davis

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Dynamic taxonomies and guided searches
Giovanni Maria Sacco

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Reconciling information-seeking behavior with search user interfaces for the Web
Daniel E. Rose

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Workspaces for search
David G. Hendry

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Search histories for user support in user interfaces
Anita Komlodi | Dagobert Soergel | Gary Marchionini

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Utilizing a user's context to improve search results
Peter Gremett

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"I'm feeling lucky": The role of emotions in seeking information on the Web
James Kalbach

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Search in the Web shopping environment
Karl Mochel

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Evidence-based practice in search interface design
Barbara M. Wildemuth

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Improving Internet interaction: From theory to practice
Russell Beale

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Search on mobile phones
Virpi Roto

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Changing the pace of search: Supporting background information seeking
Matt Jones | George Buchanan | Tzu-Chiang Cheng | Preeti Jain

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The virtual reference experience: Integrating theory into practice
Laura Taddeo

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Understanding digital libraries
Richard H. Veith