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2006 Volume 57 Issue 7

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Carol L. Barry

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Building a reusable test collection for question answering
Jimmy Lin | Boris Katz

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Technology, genres, and value change: The case of little magazines
Stephen Paling | Michael Sanford Nilan

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A Bayesian model that predicts the impact of Web searching on decision making
Annie Y. S. Lau | Enrico W. Coiera

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Written versus spoken queries: A qualitative and quantitative comparative analysis
Fabio Crestani | Heather Du

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Automatic generation of Japanese-English bilingual thesauri based on bilingual corpora
Keita Tsuji | Kyo Kageura

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Automatic thesaurus development: Term extraction from title metadata
Jun Wang

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Managing déjà vu: Collection building for the identification of nonidentical duplicate documents
Jack G. Conrad | Cindy P. Schriber

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A study of interface support mechanisms for interactive information retrieval
Ryen W. White | Ian Ruthven

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The scientific network of surfactants: Structural analysis
Rafael Bailón-Moreno | Encarnación Jurado-Alameda | Rosario Ruiz-Baños

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Relevance judgment: What do information users consider beyond topicality?
Yunjie Xu | Zhiwei Chen

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Exploring the role of medical and consumer literature in the diffusion of information related to hormone therapy for menopausal women
Shelagh K. Genuis

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The digital sublime: Myth, power, and cyberspace
Kenneth R. Fleischmann

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Some comments on the use of reliability techniques
Quentin L. Burrell