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2006 Volume 57 Issue 8

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Carol L. Barry

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The place of serials in referencing practices: Comparing natural sciences and engineering with social sciences and humanities
Vincent Larivière | Éric Archambault | Yves Gingras | Étienne Vignola-Gagné

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Machine learning for Arabic text categorization
Rehab M. Duwairi

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Arts and humanities literature: Bibliometric characteristics of contributions by Turkish authors
Umut Al | Mustafa Sahiner | Yasar Tonta

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Multiple-version resources in digital libraries: Towards user-centered displays
Zorana Ercegovac

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Fundamental forms of information
Marcia J. Bates

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Encountering virtual users: A qualitative investigation of interpersonal communication in chat reference
Marie L. Radford

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Earlier Web usage statistics as predictors of later citation impact
Tim Brody | Stevan Harnad | Leslie Carr

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Multiple authorship in a small medical journal: A case study of the Croatian Medical Journal
Ranka Ivanisevic | Damir Sapunar

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Learning and knowledge networks in interdisciplinary collaborations
Caroline Haythornthwaite

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Technological innovation assessment of business-to-business electronic marketplaces
Yen-Chun Jim Wu | Hsing-Piao Liu

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Gender and Web information seeking: A self-concept orientation model
Maureen E. Hupfer | Brian Detlor

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Information use as gap-bridging: The viewpoint of sense-making methodology
Reijo Savolainen

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On relevance distributions
Wolfgang G. Stock

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Digital library use: Social practice in design and evaluation
Sara R. Tompson

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A Semantic Web primer
Haoyang Che