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2006 Volume 57 Issue 9

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Carol L. Barry

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Documents and queries as random variables: History and implications
David Bodoff | Samuel Po-Shing Wong

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Automated judgment of document qualities
Kwong Bor Ng | Paul B. Kantor | Tomek Strzalkowski | Nina Wacholder | Rong Tang | Bing Bai | Robert Rittman | Peng Song | Ying Sun

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Properties of the n-overlap vector and n-overlap similarity theory
Leo Egghe

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Visualizing linguistic and cultural differences using Web co-link data
Liwen Vaughan

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Reading and writing book reviews across the disciplines
James Hartley

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User search behavior of domain-specific information retrieval systems: An analysis of the query logs from PsycINFO and ABC-Clio's Historical Abstracts/America: History and Life
Kwan Yi | Jamshid Beheshti | Charles Cole | John E. Leide | Andrew Large

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Five-dimensional taxonomy to relate human errors and technological interventions in a human factors literature database
Esa M. Rantanen | Brent O. Palmer | Douglas A. Wiegmann | Kevin M. Musiorski

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Memex at 60: Internet or iPod?
Richard H. Veith

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eJournal interface can influence usage statistics: Implications for libraries, publishers, and Project COUNTER
Philip M. Davis | Jason S. Price

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A system for supporting evidence recording in bibliographic records
Shoichi Taniguchi

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Information systems citation patterns from International Conference on Information Systems articles
Hock Chuan Chan | Hee-Woong Kim | Weai Chee Tan

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Using the h-index to rank influential information scientists
Blaise Cronin | Lokman I. Meho

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Foundations of library and information science, 2nd edition
Lydia Eato Harris

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E-government: From vision to implementation
Lisa A. Ennis