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2006 Volume 9 Issue 3

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Alternative Architectures and Protocols for Providing Strong Consistency in Dynamic Web Applications
M. Hossein Sheikh Attar | M. Tamer Özsu

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Extending Proxy Caching Capability: Issues and Performance
Wei Hao | Jicheng Fu | Jiang He | I-Ling Yen | Farokh B. Bastani | Ing-Ray Chen

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Answering XML Queries Using Path-Based Indexes: A Survey
Kam-Fai Wong | Jeffrey Xu Yu | Nan Tang

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Ranking Pages by Topology and Popularity within Web Sites
José Luis Cabral de Moura Borges | Mark Levene

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A Scalable Cluster-based Infrastructure for Edge-computing Services
Raffaella Grieco | Delfina Malandrino | Vittorio Scarano

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Indexing and Integrating Multiple Features for WWW Images
Heng Tao Shen | Xiaofang Zhou | Bin Cui