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2007 Volume 43 Issue 5

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Introduction to the special issue on patent processing
Atsushi Fujii | Makoto Iwayama | Noriko Kando

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Technology survey and invalidity search: A comparative study of different tasks for Japanese patent document retrieval
Sumio Fujita

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Cluster-based patent retrieval
In-Su Kang | Seung-Hoon Na | Jungi Kim | Jong-Hyeok Lee

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Advanced learning algorithms for cross-language patent retrieval and classification
Yaoyong Li | John Shawe-Taylor

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Patent document categorization based on semantic structural information
Jae-Ho Kim | Key-Sun Choi

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Text mining techniques for patent analysis
Yuen-Hsien Tseng | Chi-Jen Lin | Yu-I Lin

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Dependency structure language model for topic detection and tracking
Changki Lee | Gary Geunbae Lee | Myung-Gil Jang

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Inference and evaluation of the multinomial mixture model for text clustering
Loïs Rigouste | Olivier Cappé | François Yvon

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Using the revised EM algorithm to remove noisy data for improving the one-against-the-rest method in binary text classification
Hyoungdong Han | Youngjoong Ko | Jungyun Seo

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Combining fields for query expansion and adaptive query expansion
Ben He | Iadh Ounis

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A retrospective study of a hybrid document-context based retrieval model
Ho Chung Wu | Robert W. P. Luk | Kam-Fai Wong | K. L. Kwok

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Web page title extraction and its application
Yewei Xue | Yunhua Hu | Guomao Xin | Ruihua Song | Shuming Shi | Yunbo Cao | Chin-Yew Lin | Hang Li

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Validation and interpretation of Web users' sessions clusters
George Pallis | Lefteris Angelis | Athena Vakali

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Engineers and the Web: An analysis of real life gaps in information usage
Jeroen Kraaijenbrink

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Information requirements of cancer center researchers focusing on human biological samples and associated data
Sujin Kim | John Gilbertson

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Electronic journals and their unbundled functions in scholarly communication: Views and utilization by scientific, technological and medical researchers in Japan
Keiko Kurata | Mamiko Matsubayashi | Shinji Mine | Tomohide Muranushi | Shuichi Ueda

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"What is a good digital library?" - A quality model for digital libraries
Marcos André Gonçalves | Bárbara Lagoeiro Moreira | Edward A. Fox | Layne T. Watson

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G. Stamou and S. Kollias, Editors, Multimedia Content and the Semantic Web: Methods, Standards and Tools, John Wiley & Sons, Ltd., West Sussex, England (2005)
Hwan-Kyu Park