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2007 Volume 58 Issue 12

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In this issue
Carol L. Barry

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Information source horizons and source preferences of environmental activists: A social phenomenological approach
Reijo Savolainen

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A framework for information quality assessment
Besiki Stvilia | Les Gasser | Michael B. Twidale | Linda C. Smith

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Diasporic information environments: Reframing immigrant-focused information research
Ramesh Srinivasan | Ajit Pyati

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Assessing aesthetic relevance: Children's book selection in a digital library
Kara Reuter

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Manifestation of research teams in journal literature: A growth model of papers, authors, collaboration, coauthorship, weak ties, and Lotka's law
Steven A. Morris | Michel L. Goldstein

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Description and search labor for information retrieval
Julian Warner

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Introduction to the special topic section on mining Web resources for enhancing information retrieval
Wai Lam | Christopher C. Yang | Filippo Menczer

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Improving search engines by query clustering
Ricardo A. Baeza-Yates | Carlos A. Hurtado | Marcelo Mendoza

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Mining Web functional dependencies for flexible information access
Saverio Perugini | Naren Ramakrishnan

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Mining Web data for Chinese segmentation
Fu Lee Wang | Christopher C. Yang

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Mining opinions from the Web: Beyond relevance retrieval
Lun-Wei Ku | Hsin-Hsi Chen

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Personalized recommendation with adaptive mixture of markov models
Yang Liu | Xiangji Huang | Aijun An

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Mining related queries from Web search engine query logs using an improved association rule mining model
Xiaodong Shi | Christopher C. Yang

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Data cleansing for Web information retrieval using query independent features
Yiqun Liu | Min Zhang | Rongwei Cen | Liyun Ru | Shaoping Ma

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Language as power on the Internet
Madelyn Flammia | Carol S. Saunders

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The impact factor, total citations, and better citation mouse traps: A commentary
Stephen J. Bensman

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What they didn't tell you about knowledge management
Andrea Japzon