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2007 Volume 58 Issue 2

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Carol L. Barry

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Development of measures of online privacy concern and protection for use on the Internet
Tom Buchanan | Carina Paine | Adam N. Joinson | Ulf-Dietrich Reips

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Temporal analysis of a very large topically categorized Web query log
Steven M. Beitzel | Eric C. Jensen | Abdur Chowdhury | Ophir Frieder | David A. Grossman

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Relevance judgment in epistemic and hedonic information searches
Yunjie Xu

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The impact of survey data: Measuring success
Elizabeth C. Hamilton

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Which factors explain the Web impact of scientists' personal homepages?
Franz Barjak | Xuemei Li | Mike Thelwall

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Punishment and ethics deterrents: A study of insider security contravention
Michael Workman | John Gathegi

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A comparison between the China Scientific and Technical Papers and Citations Database and the Science Citation Index in terms of journal hierarchies and interjournal citation relations
Ping Zhou | Loet Leydesdorff

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Automatic cognitive style identification of digital library users for personalization
Enrique Frías-Martínez | Sherry Y. Chen | Xiaohui Liu

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Structure of the impact factor of journals included in the Social Sciences Citation Index: Citations from documents labeled "editorial material"
Lidia González | Juan Miguel Campanario

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Towards understanding the roles of social capital in knowledge integration: A case study of a collaborative information systems project
Mamata Bhandar | Shan Ling Pan | Bernard C. Y. Tan

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Linguistics and information theory: Analytic advantages
Julian Warner

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Self-archiving and the Copyright Transfer Agreements of ISI-ranked library and information science journals
Anita Coleman

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Using the h-index to rank influential British researchers in information science and librarianship
Charles Oppenheim

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Information ethics: Privacy, property, and power
Lisa A. Ennis

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Theories of information behavior
Denise E. Agosto

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Covert and overt: Recollecting and connecting intelligence service and information science
Lance Hayden