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2007 Volume 58 Issue 3

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In this issue
Carol L. Barry

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Analogies between linguistics and information theory
Julian Warner

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Corpus-based cross-language information retrieval in retrieval of highly relevant documents
Tuomas Talvensaari | Martti Juhola | Jorma Laurikkala | Kalervo Järvelin

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Conceptions of information science
Chaim Zins

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Redips: Backlink search and analysis on the Web for business intelligence analysis
Michael Chau | Boby Shiu | Ivy Chan | Hsinchun Chen

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News cues: Information scent and cognitive heuristics
S. Shyam Sundar | Silvia Knobloch-Westerwick | Matthias R. Hastall

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Identifying and characterizing public science-related fears from RSS feeds
Mike Thelwall | Rudy Prabowo

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An analysis of the delayed response to Hurricane Katrina through the lens of knowledge management
Alton Yeow-Kuan Chua | Selcan Kaynak | Schubert Shou-Boon Foo

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Overcoming knowledge management challenges during ERP implementation: The need to integrate and share different types of knowledge
Shan Ling Pan | Sue Newell | Jimmy C. Huang | Robert D. Galliers

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Digital information support for domestic violence victims
Lynn Westbrook

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A library or just another information resource? A case study of users' mental models of traditional and digital libraries
Stephann Makri | Ann Blandford | Jeremy Gow | Jon Rimmer | Claire Warwick | George Buchanan

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Fighting child pornography: Exploring didactics and student engagement in social informatics
Per Arne Godejord

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Dynamic h-index: The Hirsch index in function of time
Leo Egghe

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Process-aware information systems: Bridging people and software through process technology
Hongyan Ma

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Stimulated recall and mental models: Tools for teaching and learning computer information literacy
Darrell Cook

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Multimedia content and the semantic web: Methods, standards and tools
Ashraf M. A. Ahmad