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2007 Volume 58 Issue 6

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Carol L. Barry

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Can interactivity make a difference? Effects of interactivity on the comprehension of and attitudes toward online health content
Mia Liza A. Lustria

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Leo Egghe | Ronald Rousseau | Sandra Rousseau

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The double role of ontologies in information science research
Frederico T. Fonseca

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The proximal-virtual team continuum: A study of performance
Michael Workman

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Stylistic text classification using functional lexical features
Shlomo Argamon | Casey Whitelaw | Paul J. Chase | Sobhan Raj Hota | Navendu Garg | Shlomo Levitan

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A system for supporting evidence recording in bibliographic records, Part II: What is valuable evidence for catalogers?
Shoichi Taniguchi

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Automated criminal link analysis based on domain knowledge
Jennifer Schroeder | Jennifer Jie Xu | Hsinchun Chen | Michael Chau

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The publishing dynamics of catastrophic events
Kathleen W. Weessies

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Defining a session on Web search engines
Bernard J. Jansen | Amanda Spink | Chris Blakely | Sherry Koshman

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Topological analysis of citation networks to discover the future core articles
Naoki Shibata | Yuya Kajikawa | Katsumori Matsushima

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Social capital and the search for information: Examining the role of social capital in information seeking behavior in Mongolia
Catherine A. Johnson

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Children as architects of Web directories: An exploratory study
Judit Bar-Ilan | Yifat Belous

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Managing information technology: A handbook for systems librarians
P. Scott Lapinski

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Metadata and its impact on libraries
Anastasis D. Petrou

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TREC: Experiment and evaluation in information retrieval
José Luis Vicedo González | Jaime Gómez