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2007 Volume 58 Issue 7

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In this issue
Carol L. Barry

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Selection power and selection labor for information retrieval
Julian Warner

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Towards memory supporting personal information management tools
David Elsweiler | Ian Ruthven | Christopher Jones

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Changes in the LIS research front: Time-sliced cocitation analyses of LIS journal articles, 1990-2004
Fredrik Åström

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The dynamics of interactive information retrieval behavior, Part I: An activity theory perspective
Yunjie Xu

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An analysis of two approaches in information retrieval: From frameworks to study designs
Kalervo Järvelin

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The dynamics of interactive information retrieval, Part II: An empirical study from the activity theory perspective
Yunjie Xu | Chengliang Liu

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A field study characterizing Web-based information-seeking tasks
Melanie Kellar | Carolyn R. Watters | Michael A. Shepherd

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The link-prediction problem for social networks
David Liben-Nowell | Jon M. Kleinberg

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Using interview data to identify evaluation criteria for interactive, analytical question-answering systems
Diane Kelly | Nina Wacholder | Robert Rittman | Ying Sun | Paul B. Kantor | Sharon G. Small | Tomek Strzalkowski

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Web searching in Chinese: A study of a search engine in Hong Kong
Michael Chau | Xiao Fang | Christopher C. Yang

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Google Scholar citations and Google Web/URL citations: A multi-discipline exploratory analysis
Kayvan Kousha | Mike Thelwall

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Web usability: A user-centered design approach
Xiaomin Zhu | Jianxin Liao