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2007 Volume 41 Issue 1

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Privacy protection in personalized search
Xuehua Shen | Bin Tan | ChengXiang Zhai

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On rank correlation in information retrieval evaluation
Massimo Melucci

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Presentation schemes for component analysis in IR experiments
Paul B. Kantor | Jimmy Lin

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Evaluating XML retrieval effectiveness at INEX
Mounia Lalmas | Anastasios Tombros

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Multimedia retrieval at INEX 2006
Thijs Westerveld | Roelof van Zwol

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The use case track at INEX 2006
Nils Pharo | Andrew Trotman

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Report on the INEX 2005 interactive track
Saadia Malik | Birger Larsen | Anastasios Tombros

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Report on the INEX 2006 heterogeneous collection track
Ingo Frommholz | Ray R. Larson

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Report on the XML mining track at INEX 2005 and INEX 2006: categorization and clustering of XML documents
Ludovic Denoyer | Patrick Gallinari

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Overview of the TREC 2006 ciQA task
Diane Kelly | Jimmy Lin

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Federated search of text search engines in uncooperative environments
Luo Si

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Full-text federated search in peer-to-peer networks
Jie Lu