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2007 Volume 25 Issue 1

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Precision recall with user modeling (PRUM): Application to structured information retrieval
Benjamin Piwowarski | Patrick Gallinari | Georges Dupret

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Named entity translation matching and learning: With application for mining unseen translations
Wai Lam | Shing-Kit Chan | Ruizhang Huang

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An empirical investigation of user term feedback in text-based targeted image search
Joyce Y. Chai | Chen Zhang | Rong Jin

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Creating and exploiting a comparable corpus in cross-language information retrieval
Tuomas Talvensaari | Jorma Laurikkala | Kalervo Järvelin | Martti Juhola | Heikki Keskustalo

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Interest-based personalized search
Zhongming Ma | Gautam Pant | Olivia R. Liu Sheng