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2008 Volume 44 Issue 3

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A new robust relevance model in the language model framework
Xiaoyan Li

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Hierarchical learning strategy in semantic relation extraction
Guodong Zhou | Min Zhang | Dong-Hong Ji | Qiaoming Zhu

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Assessing term effectiveness in the interactive information access process
Nina Wacholder | Lu Liu

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Towards a unified approach to document similarity search using manifold-ranking of blocks
Xiaojun Wan | Jianwu Yang | Jianguo Xiao

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Global term weights in distributed environments
Hans Friedrich Witschel

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Interactive high-quality text classification
Rey-Long Liu

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Fast exact maximum likelihood estimation for mixture of language model
Yi Zhang | Wei Xu

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Re-examining the effects of adding relevance information in a relevance feedback environment
W. S. Wong | Robert Wing Pong Luk | Hong Va Leong | Lai Kuen Ho | Dik Lun Lee

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Test theory for evaluating reliability of IR test collections
David Bodoff

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Using information gain to improve multi-modal information retrieval systems
María Teresa Martín-Valdivia | Manuel Carlos Díaz-Galiano | Arturo Montejo-Ráez | Luis Alfonso Ureña López

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An information-pattern-based approach to novelty detection
Xiaoyan Li | W. Bruce Croft

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Text image matching without language model using a Hausdorff distance
Hwa Jeong Son | Soo-Hyung Kim | Ji Soo Kim

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Local relational string and mutual matching for image retrieval
Adel Hafiane | Bertrand Y. Zavidovique

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Retrieval of images by spatial and object similarities
Shu-Ming Hsieh | Chiun-Chieh Hsu

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Exploring usefulness and usability in the evaluation of open access digital libraries
Giannis Tsakonas | Christos Papatheodorou

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Determining the informational, navigational, and transactional intent of Web queries
Bernard J. Jansen | Danielle L. Booth | Amanda Spink

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Inside the source selection process: Selection criteria for human information sources
Lilian Woudstra | Bart van den Hooff

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Search characteristics in different types of Web-based IR environments: Are they the same?
Dietmar Wolfram

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User-centred versus system-centred evaluation of a personalization system
Alberto Díaz | Antonio García | Pablo Gervás

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Web search strategies: The influence of Web experience and task type
Andrew Thatcher

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The influence of mental models on undergraduate students' searching behavior on the Web
Yan Zhang

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Users' evaluation of digital libraries (DLs): Their uses, their criteria, and their assessment
Hong (Iris) Xie

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An examination of the physical and the digital qualities of humanities research
Jon Rimmer | Claire Warwick | Ann Blandford | Jeremy Gow | George Buchanan

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Personal Information Management, Jones, W., Teevan, J. University of Washington Press, 2007. ISBN: 978-0-295-98737-8
David Elsweiler