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2008 Volume 44 Issue 5

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Toward incorporating a task-stage identification technique into the long-term document support process
I-Chin Wu | Duen-Ren Liu | Pei-Cheng Chang

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Inter and intra-document contexts applied in polyrepresentation for best match IR
Mette Skov | Birger Larsen | Peter Ingwersen

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Text categorization via generalized discriminant analysis
Tao Li | Shenghuo Zhu | Mitsunori Ogihara

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Generation of pornographic blacklist and its incremental update using an inverse chi-square based method
Lung-Hao Lee | Cheng-Jye Luh

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Mining knowledge from natural language texts using fuzzy associated concept mapping
Wai Ming Wang | Chi Fai Cheung | Wing Bun Lee | S. K. Kwok

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Automatic acquisition of inflectional lexica for morphological normalisation
Jan Snajder | Bojana Dalbelo Basic | Marko Tadic

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The effect of granularity and order in XML element retrieval
Nils Pharo

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User-generated descriptions of individual images versus labels of groups of images: A comparison using basic level theory
Abebe Rorissa

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Gene ontology annotation as text categorization: An empirical study
Kazuhiro Seki | Javed Mostafa

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Navigating information spaces: A case study of related article search in PubMed
Jimmy Lin | Michael DiCuccio | Vahan Grigoryan | W. John Wilbur

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A socio-cognitive framework for designing interactive IR systems: Lessons from the Neanderthals
Charles Cole

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Extending Lotkaian informetrics
Quentin L. Burrell

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Explicit expressions for the Leimkuhler curve in parametric families
José María Sarabia | María Sarabia