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2008 Volume 59 Issue 1

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Carol L. Barry

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The influence of indexing practices and weighting algorithms on document spaces
Dietmar Wolfram | Jin Zhang

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Metadata harvesting for content-based distributed information retrieval
Fabio Simeoni | Murat Yakici | Steve Neely | Fabio Crestani

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Extending the simple knowledge organization system for concept management in vocabulary development applications
Joseph T. Tennis | Stuart A. Sutton

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Extracting accurate and complete results from search engines: Case study windows live
Mike Thelwall

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Blind men and elephants: What do citation summaries tell us about a research article?
Aaron Elkiss | Siwei Shen | Anthony Fader | Günes Erkan | David J. States | Dragomir R. Radev

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Factors affecting the information quality of personal Web portfolios
Pairin Katerattanakul | Keng Siau

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On the normalization and visualization of author co-citation data: Salton's Cosine versus the Jaccard index
Loet Leydesdorff

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Processing queries with metrical constraints in XML-based IR systems
Shmuel T. Klein

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Ontology-supported polarity mining
Lina Zhou | Pimwadee Chaovalit

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People search: Searching people sharing similar interests from the Web
Quanzhi Li | Yi-fang Brook Wu

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Active learning for constructing transliteration lexicons from the Web
Jin-Shea Kuo | Haizhou Li | Ying-Kuei Yang

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Usage impact factor: The effects of sample characteristics on usage-based impact metrics
Johan Bollen | Herbert Van de Sompel

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Library and information science research areas: Analysis of journal articles in lisa
Gregorio González-Alcaide | Lourdes Castelló-Cogollos | Carolina Navarro-Molina | Rafael Aleixandre-Benavent | Juan Carlos Valderrama Zurián

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Applying successive H indices in the institutional evaluation: A case study
Ricardo Arencibia Jorge | Ismaray Barrios-Almaguer | Sandra Fernández-Hernández | Rachel Carvajal-Espino

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Research methods in information
Kalpana Shankar

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The principles of beautiful Web design
Marilyn Ostergren

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Evaluations of individual scientists and research institutions
Alvin Hutchinson

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Annual review of information science and technology, Vol. 41
Sarah M. Vital