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2008 Volume 59 Issue 13

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In This Issue
Carol L. Barry

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Estimating the audience level for library resources
Edward T. O'Neill | Lynn Silipigni Connaway | Timothy J. Dickey

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Linguistic politeness and face-work in computer-mediated communication, Part 1: A theoretical framework
Jung-ran Park

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Assessing the impact of disciplinary research on teaching: An automatic analysis of online syllabuses
Kayvan Kousha | Mike Thelwall

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Evolution of research activities and intellectual influences in information science 1996-2005: Introducing author bibliographic-coupling analysis
Dangzhi Zhao | Andreas Strotmann

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Undergraduate students' mental models of the Web as an information retrieval system
Yan Zhang

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Using importance flooding to identify interesting networks of criminal activity
Byron Marshall | Hsinchun Chen | Siddharth Kaza

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Influences of IT substitutes and user experience on post-adoption user switching: An empirical investigation
Chen Ye | DongBack Seo | Kevin C. Desouza | Sridhar R. Papagari Sangareddy | Sanjeev Jha

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A model for the size-frequency function of coauthor pairs
Leo Egghe

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Chinese pronominal anaphora resolution using lexical knowledge and entropy-based weight
Dian-Song Wu | Tyne Liang

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The structure of Iranian chemistry research, 1990-2006: An author cocitation analysis
Farideh Osareh | Katherine W. McCain

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The shift towards multi-disciplinarity in information science
Alton Yeow-Kuan Chua | Christopher C. Yang

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Object-fuzzy concept network: An enrichment of ontologies in semantic information retrieval
Silvia Calegari | Elie Sanchez

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Eigenfactor: Does the principle of repeated improvement result in better estimates than raw citation counts?
Philip M. Davis

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Digital citizenship: The Internet, society, and participation
Allegra Gonzalez

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The law of libraries and archives
Laurel Tarulli

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Wired shut: Copyright and the shape of digital culture
Lisa A. Ennis

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Personal Information Management
Judy P. Bolstad

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Anti-plagiarism certification be an academic mandate
Sadasivuni Lakshminarayana