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2008 Volume 59 Issue 4

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Carol L. Barry

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Assessing an author's influence using time series historiographic mapping: The oeuvre of conrad hal waddington (1905-1975)
Katherine W. McCain

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Impact of the internet and scholar age distribution on academic citation age
George A. Barnett | Edward L. Fink

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Service equality in virtual reference
Pnina Shachaf | Shannon M. Oltmann | Sarah M. Horowitz

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The shifting balance of intellectual trade in information studies
Blaise Cronin | Lokman I. Meho

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Scaling rules in the science system: Influence of field-specific citation characteristics on the impact of research groups
Anthony F. J. van Raan

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Understanding middle-aged women's health information seeking on the web: A theoretical approach
Eun-Young Yoo | Louise S. Robbins

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Virtual maps-virtual worlds: Testing the usability of a greek virtual cultural map
Emmanouel Garoufallou | Rania Siatri | Panagiotis Balatsoukas

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Perceived influence of the use of electronic information resources on scholarly work and publication productivity
Pertti Vakkari

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Automated classification and retrieval of reusable software components
Haining Yao | Letha H. Etzkorn | Shamsnaz Virani

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A statistical analysis of the web presences of European life sciences research teams
Franz Barjak | Mike Thelwall

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Information-conveying approaches and cognitive styles of mental modeling in a hypermedia-based learning environment
Jiunde Lee | Elizabeth Boling

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Wisecrackers: A theory-grounded investigation of phishing and pretext social engineering threats to information security
Michael Workman

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Document classification techniques for automated technology readiness level analysis
Barry L. Britt | Michael W. Berry | Murray Browne | Mary Ann Merrell | James Kolpack