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2008 Volume 59 Issue 5

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Carol L. Barry

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Ontology-based speech act identification in a bilingual dialog system using partial pattern trees
Jui-Feng Yeh | Chung-Hsien Wu | Ming-Jun Chen

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How potential users of music search and retrieval systems describe the semantic quality of music
Micheline Lesaffre | Liesbeth De Voogdt | Marc Leman | Bernard De Baets | Hans E. De Meyer | Jean-Pierre Martens

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Towards the semantic extraction of digital signatures for librarian image-identification purposes
Marios Poulos | George Bokos | Fotios Vaioulis

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The Effect of training on biologists acceptance of bioinformatics tools: A field experiment
Aviv Shachak | Sara Fine

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A labor theoretic approach to information retrieval
Julian Warner

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Methodology for the implementation of knowledge management systems
Ricardo Chalmeta | Reyes Grangel

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Kernel-based learning for biomedical relation extraction
Jiexun Li | Zhu Zhang | Xin Li | Hsinchun Chen

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Exploring the relationship between feature and perceptual visual spaces
Abebe Rorissa | Paul D. Clough | Thomas Deselaers

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Digital preparedness versus the digital divide: A confusion of means and ends
Jeffrey James

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Information culture and information use: An exploratory study of three organizations
Chun Wei Choo | Pierrette Bergeron | Brian Detlor | Lorna Heaton

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Online presentations as a source of scientific impact? An analysis of PowerPoint files citing academic journals
Mike Thelwall | Kayvan Kousha

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From conference to journal publication: How conference papers in software engineering are extended for publication in journals
Michela Montesi | John Mackenzie Owen

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Are there better indices for evaluation purposes than the h index? A comparison of nine different variants of the h index using data from biomedicine
Lutz Bornmann | Rüdiger Mutz | Hans-Dieter Daniel

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When different persons have an identical author name. How frequent are homonyms?
Dag W. Aksnes

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Hjørland's critique of bates' work on defining information
Marcia J. Bates

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Users' personality and perceived ease of use of digital libraries: The case for resistance to change
Oded Nov | Chen Ye

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Karen Spärck Jones
Stephen Robertson | John Tait

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Library 2.0: A guide to participatory library service
Nicole Mitchell