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2008 Volume 59 Issue 7

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In this issue
Carol L. Barry

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Domain-independent automatic keyphrase indexing with small training sets
Olena Medelyan | Ian H. Witten

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Eye tracking and online search: Lessons learned and challenges ahead
Lori Lorigo | Maya Haridasan | Hrönn Brynjarsdóttir | Ling Xia | Thorsten Joachims | Geri Gay | Laura A. Granka | Fabio Pellacini | Bing Pan

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User-based identification of Web genres
Mark A. Rosso

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Towards interoperable Web engineering methods
Nathalie Moreno | Antonio Vallecillo

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Privacy-preserving top-N recommendation on distributed data
Huseyin Polat | Wenliang Du

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Global information ethics: Intercultural perspectives on past and future research
Toni Carbo | Martha M. Smith

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The problem of information naïveté
Roberta Brody

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Archival ethics: The truth of the matter
Richard J. Cox

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The principle of distribution
G. M. Reed | J. W. Sanders

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The justification of intellectual property: Contemporary philosophical disputes
Kenneth Einar Himma

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Information ethics for and from Africa
Rafael Capurro

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Making the global information society good: A social justice perspective on the ethical dimensions of the global information society
Johannes J. Britz

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Revisiting h measured on UK LIS and IR academics
Mark Sanderson

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Eun-Young Yoo