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2008 Volume 59 Issue 8

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In this issue
Carol L. Barry

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A hybrid approach to Web forum interactional coherence analysis
Tianjun Fu | Ahmed Abbasi | Hsinchun Chen

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Characteristics of tissue-centric biomedical researchers using a survey and cluster analysis
Sujin Kim | Edie M. Rasmussen

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A study of the intention-action gap in knowledge sharing practices
Feng-Yang Kuo | Mei-Lien Young

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Technology, genres, and value change: Literary authors and artistic use of information technology
Stephen Paling

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An exploration of affect factors and their role in user technology acceptance: Mediation and causality
Heshan Sun | Ping Zhang

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Order effect in relevance judgment
Yunjie Xu | Dong Wang

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Study of different h-indices for groups of authors
Leo Egghe | I. K. Ravichandra Rao

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Development and validation of evaluation indicators for a consortium of institutional repositories: A case study of dcollection
Yong Ho Kim | Hyun Hee Kim

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Determinants of borrowing demand from Norwegian local public libraries
Knut Løyland | Vidar Ringstad

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The influence of transformations on the h-index and the g-index
Leo Egghe

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Trends and lacunae for future computer assisted learning (CAL) research: An assessment of the literature in SSCI journals from 1998-2006
Ted (Tainyi) Luor | Robert E. Johanson | Hsi-Peng Lu | Ling-ling Wu

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Social networks, gender, and friending: An analysis of MySpace member profiles
Mike Thelwall

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A user-centered functional metadata evaluation of moving image collections
Ying Zhang | Yuelin Li

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Uncovering the dark Web: A case study of Jihad on the Web
Hsinchun Chen | Wingyan Chung | Jialun Qin | Edna Reid | Marc Sageman | Gabriel Weimann

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Theorizing digital cultural heritage: A critical discourse
Andrea Japzon