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2008 Volume 59 Issue 9

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Carol L. Barry

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Distributional differences of the impact factor in the sciences versus the social sciences: An analysis of the probabilistic structure of the 2005 journal citation reports
Stephen J. Bensman

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Theories of cognition and image categorization: What category labels reveal about basic level theory
Abebe Rorissa | Hemalata Iyer

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Local citation analysis, publishing and reading patterns: Using multiple methods to evaluate faculty use of an academic library's research collection
Concepción S. Wilson | Carol Tenopir

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A balanced approach to health information evaluation: A vocabulary-based naïve Bayes classifier and readability formulas
Gondy Leroy | Trudi Miller | Graciela Rosemblat | Allen C. Browne

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Components of abstracts: Logical structure of scholarly abstracts in pharmacology, sociology, and linguistics and literature
Alenka Sauperl | Janko Klasinc | Simona Luzar

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The DCI index: Discounted cumulated impact-based research evaluation
Kalervo Järvelin | Olle Persson

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Using field cocitation analysis to assess reciprocal and shared impact of LIS/MIS fields
Cassidy R. Sugimoto | Jean A. Pratt | Karina Hauser

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Ontology-based evaluation of organizational memory
Hadas Weinberger | Dov Te'eni | Ariel J. Frank

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Fundamental properties of rhythm sequences
Leo Egghe | Liming Liang | Ronald Rousseau

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Using the shape recovery method to evaluate indexing techniques
Guillermo Oyarce

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Toward a theory of network gatekeeping: A framework for exploring information control
Karine Barzilai-Nahon

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An empirical investigation of the g-index for 26 physicists in comparison with the h-index, the A-index, and the R-index
Michael Schreiber

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Information-centered research for large-scale analyses of new information sources
Mike Thelwall | Paul Wouters | Jenny Fry

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Co-word analysis using the Chinese character set
Loet Leydesdorff | Ping Zhou

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Group cognition: Computer support for building collaborative knowledge
Carlos Caldeira

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Libraries and Google
Jessie Satyanesan

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Democratic theory in library information science
Michael K. Buckland