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String Processing and Information Retrieval, 15th International Symposium, SPIRE 2008, Melbourne, Australia, November 10-12, 2008. Proceedings

Amihood Amir, Andrew Turpin, Alistair Moffat (Editors)

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String Processing and Information Retrieval, 15th International Symposium, SPIRE 2008, Melbourne, Australia, November 10-12, 2008. Proceedings

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"Search Is a Solved Problem" and Other Annoying Fallacies
David Hawking

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Approximate Runs - Revisited
Gad M. Landau

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Engineering Radix Sort for Strings
Juha Kärkkäinen | Tommi Rantala

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Faster Text Fingerprinting
Roman Kolpakov | Mathieu Raffinot

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Context-Sensitive Grammar Transform: Compression and Pattern Matching
Shirou Maruyama | Youhei Tanaka | Hiroshi Sakamoto | Masayuki Takeda

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Improved Variable-to-Fixed Length Codes
Shmuel Tomi Klein | Dana Shapira

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Term Impacts as Normalized Term Frequencies for BM25 Similarity Scoring
Vo Ngoc Anh | Raymond Wan | Alistair Moffat

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The Effect of Weighted Term Frequencies on Probabilistic Latent Semantic Term Relationships
Laurence Anthony F. Park | Kotagiri Ramamohanarao

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Comparison of s-gram Proximity Measures in Out-of-Vocabulary Word Translation
Anni Järvelin | Antti Järvelin

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Speeding Up Pattern Matching by Text Sampling
Francisco Claude | Gonzalo Navarro | Hannu Peltola | Leena Salmela | Jorma Tarhio

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Mismatch Sampling
Raphaël Clifford | Klim Efremenko | Benny Porat | Ely Porat | Amir Rothschild

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Sliding CDAWG Perfection
Martin Senft | Tomás Dvorák

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Self-indexing Natural Language
Nieves R. Brisaboa | Antonio Fariña | Gonzalo Navarro | Ángeles Saavedra Places | Eduardo Rodríguez

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New Perspectives on the Prefix Array
William F. Smyth | Shu Wang

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Indexed Hierarchical Approximate String Matching
Luís M. S. Russo | Gonzalo Navarro | Arlindo L. Oliveira

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An Efficient Linear Space Algorithm for Consecutive Suffix Alignment under Edit Distance (Short Preliminary Paper)
Heikki Hyyrö

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Run-Length Compressed Indexes Are Superior for Highly Repetitive Sequence Collections
Jouni Sirén | Niko Välimäki | Veli Mäkinen | Gonzalo Navarro

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Practical Rank/Select Queries over Arbitrary Sequences
Francisco Claude | Gonzalo Navarro

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Clique Analysis of Query Log Graphs
Alexandre P. Francisco | Ricardo Baeza-Yates | Arlindo L. Oliveira

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Out of the Box Phrase Indexing
Frederik Transier | Peter Sanders

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Approximated Pattern Matching with the L1, L2 and L_ Metrics
Ohad Lipsky | Ely Porat

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Interchange Rearrangement: The Element-Cost Model
Oren Kapah | Gad M. Landau | Avivit Levy | Nitsan Oz

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delta-gamma-Parameterized Matching
Inbok Lee | Juan Mendivelso | Yoan J. Pinzón

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Pattern Matching with Pair Correlation Distance
Benny Porat | Ely Porat | Asaf Zur

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Some Approximations for Shortest Common Nonsubsequences and Supersequences
Vadim G. Timkovsky

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On the Structure of Small Motif Recognition Instances
Christina Boucher | Daniel G. Brown | Stephane Durocher

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Exact Distribution of a Spaced Seed Statistic for DNA Homology Detection
Gary Benson | Denise Y. F. Mak