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Proceedings of the International Conference on Web Search and Web Data Mining, WSDM 2008, Palo Alto, California, USA, February 11-12, 2008

Marc Najork, Andrei Z. Broder, Soumen Chakrabarti (Editors)

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Proceedings of the International Conference on Web Search and Web Data Mining, WSDM 2008, Palo Alto, California, USA, February 11-12, 2008

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Web information management: past, present and future
Hector Garcia-Molina

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Machine reading at web scale
Oren Etzioni

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Crawl ordering by search impact
Sandeep Pandey | Christopher Olston

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On placing skips optimally in expectation
Flavio Chierichetti | Silvio Lattanzi | Federico Mari | Alessandro Panconesi

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Disorder inequality: a combinatorial approach to nearest neighbor search
Navin Goyal | Yury Lifshits | Hinrich Schütze

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Beyond basic faceted search
Ori Ben-Yitzhak | Nadav Golbandi | Nadav Har'El | Ronny Lempel | Andreas Neumann | Shila Ofek-Koifman | Dafna Sheinwald | Eugene J. Shekita | Benjamin Sznajder | Sivan Yogev

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Entropy of search logs: how hard is search? with personalization? with backoff?
Qiaozhu Mei | Kenneth Ward Church

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Fast learning of document ranking functions with the committee perceptron
Jonathan L. Elsas | Vitor R. Carvalho | Jaime G. Carbonell

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Ranking web sites with real user traffic
Mark R. Meiss | Filippo Menczer | Santo Fortunato | Alessandro Flammini | Alessandro Vespignani

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SoftRank: optimizing non-smooth rank metrics
Michael J. Taylor | John Guiver | Stephen Robertson | Tom Minka

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An experimental comparison of click position-bias models
Nick Craswell | Onno Zoeter | Michael J. Taylor | Bill Ramsey

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A scalable pattern mining approach to web graph compression with communities
Gregory Buehrer | Kumar Chellapilla

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Collaboration over time: characterizing and modeling network evolution
Jian Huang | Ziming Zhuang | Jia Li | C. Lee Giles

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Preferential behavior in online groups
Lars Backstrom | Ravi Kumar | Cameron Marlow | Jasmine Novak | Andrew Tomkins

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Connectivity structure of bipartite graphs via the KNC-plot
Ravi Kumar | Andrew Tomkins | Erik Vee

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Deep classifier: automatically categorizing search results into large-scale hierarchies
Dikan Xing | Gui-Rong Xue | Qiang Yang | Yong Yu

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Personal name classification in web queries
Dou Shen | Toby Walker | Zijian Zheng | Qiang Yang | Ying Li

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Understanding temporal aspects in document classification
Fernando Mourão | Leonardo Rocha | Renata Braga Araújo | Thierson Couto | Marcos André Gonçalves | Wagner Meira Jr.

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On ranking controversies in wikipedia: models and evaluation
Ba-Quy Vuong | Ee-Peng Lim | Aixin Sun | Minh-Tam Le | Hady Wirawan Lauw

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Finding high-quality content in social media
Eugene Agichtein | Carlos Castillo | Debora Donato | Aristides Gionis | Gilad Mishne

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Can social bookmarking improve web search?
Paul Heymann | Georgia Koutrika | Hector Garcia-Molina

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Identifying the influential bloggers in a community
Nitin Agarwal | Huan Liu | Lei Tang | Philip S. Yu

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Opinion spam and analysis
Nitin Jindal | Bing Liu

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A holistic lexicon-based approach to opinion mining
Xiaowen Ding | Bing Liu | Philip S. Yu

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An empirical analysis of sponsored search performance in search engine advertising
Anindya Ghose | Sha Yang

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Advertising keyword suggestion based on concept hierarchy
Yifan Chen | Gui-Rong Xue | Yong Yu