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2008 Volume 11 Issue 1

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A Novelty-based Clustering Method for On-line Documents
Sophoin Khy | Yoshiharu Ishikawa | Hiroyuki Kitagawa

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Prefetching in Content Distribution Networks via Web Communities Identification and Outsourcing
Antonis Sidiropoulos | George Pallis | Dimitrios Katsaros | Konstantinos Stamos | Athena Vakali | Yannis Manolopoulos

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Fast Frequent Free Tree Mining in Graph Databases
Peixiang Zhao | Jeffrey Xu Yu

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Control-theoretic Analysis of Admission Control Mechanisms for Web Server Systems
Maria Kihl | Anders Robertsson | Anders Andersson | Björn Wittenmark

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Path Summaries and Path Partitioning in Modern XML Databases
Andrei Arion | Angela Bonifati | Ioana Manolescu | Andrea Pugliese

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Clustered Chain Path Index for XML Document: Efficiently Processing Branch Queries
Hongqiang Wang | Jianzhong Li | Hongzhi Wang