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2009 Volume 45 Issue 4

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Effective top-k computation with term-proximity support
Mingjie Zhu | Shuming Shi | Mingjing Li | Ji-Rong Wen

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Assigning appropriate weights for the linear combination data fusion method in information retrieval
Shengli Wu | Yaxin Bi | Xiaoqin Zeng | Lixin Han

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A systematic analysis of performance measures for classification tasks
Marina Sokolova | Guy Lapalme

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A lemmatization method for Mongolian and its application to indexing for information retrieval
Badam-Osor Khaltar | Atsushi Fujii

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Towards a user-oriented thesaurus for non-domain-specific image collections
JungWon Yoon

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Multi-authorship and its impact on the visibility of research from Puerto Rico
Carlos Suárez-Balseiro | Carlos García-Zorita | Elías Sanz-Casado

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Discovering power laws in computer programs
Hongyu Zhang

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An econometric property of the g-index
Leo Egghe

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Computational Methods of Feature Selection, Huan Liu, Hiroshi Motoda, CRC Press, Boca Raton, FL (2007), 440 pp, ISBN 978-1-58488-878-9
Renato Cordeiro de Amorim

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Conquest in Cyberspace, M.C. Libicki. Cambridge University Press, New York (2007), 336pp, ISBN 9780521692144
William J. Adams

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Ethnography for Marketers: A Guide to Consumer Immersion, Hy Mariampolski, Sage Publications (2006), ISBN 0-7619-6947-0
Honglu Du

doi dblp
Creating Agile Business Systems with Reusable Knowledge, Amit Mitra, Amar Gupta. Cambridge University Press (2007), ISBN 978-0-521-85163-3
Louis-Marie Ngamassi Tchouakeu

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Caribbean Libraries in the 21st Century; Changes, Challenges, and Choices, Shamin Renwick, Cheryl Peltier-Davis (Eds.). Information Today Inc. (2007). xxv+387pp, ISBN 978-1-57387-301-7
Kayla D. Hales