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2009 Volume 45 Issue 5

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Learning to recognize webpage genres
Ioannis Kanaris | Efstathios Stamatatos

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Empirical observations on the session timeout threshold
Toan Huynh | James Miller

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A generic construct based workload model for web search
Jia-Lang Seng | I-Feng Ko | Binshan Lin

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Field independent probabilistic model for clustering multi-field documents
Shanfeng Zhu | Ichigaku Takigawa | Jia Zeng | Hiroshi Mamitsuka

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A quantitative stock prediction system based on financial news
Robert P. Schumaker | Hsinchun Chen

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Candidate working set strategy based SMO algorithm in support vector machine
Xiaofeng Song | Weimin Chen | Yi-Ping Phoebe Chen | Bin Jiang

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An impressionistic mapping of information behavior with special attention to contexts, rationality, and ignorance
J. David Johnson

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Information retrieval with geographical references. Relevant documents filtering vs. query expansion
Miguel Angel García Cumbreras | José M. Perea-Ortega | Manuel García Vega | Luis Alfonso Ureña López