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2009 Volume 45 Issue 6

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Multimedia surrogates for video gisting: Toward combining spoken words and imagery
Gary Marchionini | Yaxiao Song | Robert Farrell

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A discrete mixture-based kernel for SVMs: Application to spam and image categorization
Nizar Bouguila | Ola Amayri

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Using the taxonomy of cognitive learning to model online searching
Bernard J. Jansen | Danielle L. Booth | Brian Keith Smith

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Retrieval parameter optimization using genetic algorithms
Sumio Fujita

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Hybrid clustering for validation and improvement of subject-classification schemes
Frizo A. L. Janssens | Lin Zhang | Bart De Moor | Wolfgang Glänzel

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Does dictionary based bilingual retrieval work in a non-normalized index?
Eija Airio | Kimmo Kettunen

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Indexing and stemming approaches for the Czech language
Ljiljana Dolamic | Jacques Savoy