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2009 Volume 60 Issue 10

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The changing profile of JASIST authors
Blaise Cronin

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A cluster analysis of scholar and journal bibliometric indicators
Massimo Franceschet

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Image indexing in article component databases
Judith Gelernter

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Visual health subject directory analysis based on users' traversal activities
Jin Zhang | Lu An | Tao Tang | Yi Hong

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Measuring consistency for multiple taggers using vector space modeling
Dietmar Wolfram | Hope A. Olson | Raina Bloom

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Compromised need and the label effect: An examination of claims and evidence
Jeppe Nicolaisen

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Common weaknesses in traditional abstracts in the social sciences
James Hartley | Lucy Betts

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Situating logic and information in information science
Murat Karamuftuoglu

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Ontologies in knowledge management support: A case study
Mauricio Barcellos Almeida | Ricardo Rodrigues Barbosa

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The complexity of different types of attitudes in initial and continued ICT use
Ping Zhang | Heshan Sun

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Managing polysemy and synonymy in science mapping using the mixtures of factor analyzers model
Jan H. Kwakkel | Scott W. Cunningham

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Blogging, communication, and privacy management: Development of the Blogging Privacy Management Measure
Jeffrey T. Child | Judy C. Pearson | Sandra Petronio

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A decision support system for public research organizations participating in national research assessment exercises
Giovanni Abramo | Ciriaco Andrea D'Angelo

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Applying centrality measures to impact analysis: A coauthorship network analysis
Erjia Yan | Ying Ding

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Applying two-level reinforcement ranking in query-oriented multidocument summarization
Furu Wei | Wenjie Li | Qin Lu | Yanxiang He

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A view of the data on P2P file-sharing systems
Wai Gen Yee | Linh Thai Nguyen | Ophir Frieder

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A rationale for the Hirsch-index rank-order distribution and a comparison with the impact factor rank-order distribution
Leo Egghe

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Fractionalized counting of publications for the g-Index
Michael Schreiber

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International collaboration does not have greater epistemic authority
Zi-Lin He

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The Internet and American Business
Thomas J. Misa