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2009 Volume 60 Issue 11

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Twitter power: Tweets as electronic word of mouth
Bernard J. Jansen | Mimi Zhang | Kate Sobel | Abdur Chowdury

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How and why do college students use Wikipedia?
Sook Lim

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Positional effects on citation and readership in arXiv
Asif-ul Haque | Paul Ginsparg

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Visual overviews for discovering key papers and influences across research fronts
Aleks Aris | Ben Shneiderman | Vahed Qazvinian | Dragomir R. Radev

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PageRank for ranking authors in co-citation networks
Ying Ding | Erjia Yan | Arthur R. Frazho | James Caverlee

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Interpreting informational cues: An explorative study on information use among prospective homebuyers
Reijo Savolainen

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Addressing gaps in knowledge while reading
Chris Jordan | Carolyn R. Watters

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An extensive study on automated Dewey Decimal Classification
Jun Wang

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Exploiting corpus-related ontologies for conceptualizing document corpora
Hai-Tao Zheng | Charles Borchert | Hong-Gee Kim

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Stabilizing homeless young people with information and place
Jill Palzkill Woelfer | David G. Hendry

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Interactive acquisition and sharing: Understanding the dynamics of HIV/AIDS information networks
Tiffany C. Veinot

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ePaper: A personalized mobile newspaper
Bracha Shapira | Peretz Shoval | Noam Tractinsky | Joachim Meyer

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Feature reduction techniques for Arabic text categorization
Rehab M. Duwairi | Mohammad Nayef Al-Refai | Natheer Khasawneh

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Patent priority network: Linking patent portfolio to strategic goals
Fang Pei Su | Kuei Kuei Lai | R. R. K. Sharma | Tsung Hsien Kuo

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A relation between h-index and impact factor in the power-law model
Leo Egghe | Liming Liang | Ronald Rousseau

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Developing a new collection-evaluation method: Mapping and the user-side h-index
Pan Jun Kim | Jae Yun Lee | Ji-Hong Park

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Loads of special authorship functions: Linear growth in the percentage of "equal first authors" and corresponding authors
Xiaojun Hu

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Open Source: Technology and Policy
Samir Chopra

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Digital Consumers: Reshaping the Information Professions
Jennifer E. Rowley