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2009 Volume 60 Issue 2

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Homophily in MySpace
Mike Thelwall

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New relations between similarity measures for vectors based on vector norms
Leo Egghe

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A new approach for detecting scientific specialties from raw cocitation networks
Matthew L. Wallace | Yves Gingras | Russell J. Duhon

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The impact of frame semantic annotation levels, frame-alignment techniques, and fusion methods on factoid answer processing
Bahadorreza Ofoghi | John Yearwood | Liping Ma

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How to interpret PubMed queries and why it matters
Lana Yeganova | Donald C. Comeau | Won Kim | W. John Wilbur

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Exploring the relationships between work task and search task in information search
Yuelin Li

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Determinants of service quality and continuance intention of online services: The case of eTax
Paul Jen-Hwa Hu | Susan A. Brown | James Y. L. Thong | Frank K. Y. Chan | Kar Yan Tam

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"Backstage solidarity" in Spanish- and English-written medical research papers: Publication context and the acknowledgment paratext
Françoise Salager-Meyer | María Ángeles Alcaraz Ariza | Maryelis Pabón Berbesí

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How much and where? Private versus public universities' publication patterns in the information systems discipline
Clyde W. Holsapple | Daniel E. O'Leary

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How reward, computer self-efficacy, and perceived power security affect knowledge management systems success: An empirical investigation in high-tech companies
Jung-Yu Lai

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A global map of science based on the ISI subject categories
Loet Leydesdorff | Ismael Ràfols

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A method for extension of generative topographic mapping for fuzzy clustering
Indranil Bose | Xi Chen

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Early and dynamic student achievement prediction in e-learning courses using neural networks
Ioanna Lykourentzou | Ioannis Giannoukos | Giorgos Mpardis | Vassilis Nikolopoulos | Vassilis Loumos

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Perceived technology clusters and ownership of related technologies: The case of consumer electronics
Frank J. van Rijnsoever | Carolina Castaldi

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SpamED: A spam E-mail detection approach based on phrase similarity
Maria Soledad Pera | Yiu-Kai Ng

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Simulating growth of the h-index
Raf Guns | Ronald Rousseau

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Some comments on "A Proposal for a Dynamic h-Type Index" by Rousseau and Ye
Quentin L. Burrell

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The Matthew effect defined and tested for the 100 most prolific economists
Richard S. J. Tol

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Ambivalence Towards Convergence: Digitalization and Media Change
Kevin M. Ford

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Fundamentals of Information Studies: Understanding Information and Its Environment, Second Edition
Rich Gazan

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American Libraries and the Internet: The Social Construction of Web Appropriation and Use
Aysegul Kapucu

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Does JASIST have an archive?
Birger Hjørland