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2009 Volume 60 Issue 3

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Vernacular and vehicular language
Blaise Cronin

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Citation levels and collaboration within library and information science
Jonathan M. Levitt | Mike Thelwall

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Design engineers and technical professionals at work: Observing information usage in the workplace
Suzie Allard | Kenneth J. Levine | Carol Tenopir

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Toward a consensus map of science
Richard Klavans | Kevin W. Boyack

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Understanding help seeking within the context of searching digital libraries
Iris Xie | Colleen Cool

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Web site topic-hierarchy generation based on link structure
Christopher C. Yang | Nan Liu

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BVideoQA: Online English/Chinese bilingual video question answering
Yue-Shi Lee | Yu-Chieh Wu | Jie-Chi Yang

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The role of trust in promoting organizational knowledge seeking using knowledge management systems: An empirical investigation
Joy Wei He | Yulin Fang | Kwok-Kee Wei

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A survey of modern authorship attribution methods
Efstathios Stamatatos

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Identification of factors predicting clickthrough in Web searching using neural network analysis
Ying Zhang | Bernard J. Jansen | Amanda Spink

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Comparative study on methods of detecting research fronts using different types of citation
Naoki Shibata | Yuya Kajikawa | Yoshiyuki Takeda | Katsumori Matsushima

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Do open-access journals in library and information science have any scholarly impact? A bibliometric study of selected open-access journals using Google Scholar
Bhaskar Mukherjee

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Browsing the underdeveloped Web: An experiment on the Arabic Medical Web Directory
Wingyan Chung | Hsinchun Chen

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A clustering-based semi-automated technique to build cultural ontologies
Ramesh Srinivasan | Alberto Pepe | Marko A. Rodriguez

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The role of information in a community of hobbyist collectors
Charlotte P. Lee | Ciaran B. Trace

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Computerization Movements and Technology Diffusion
Lew Hassell

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A Disciplinary Blueprint for the Assessment of Information Literacy
Lane DeNicola

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What's the Alternative: Career Options for Librarians and Info Pros
Kevin W. Merriman

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Knowledge Management in Practice: Connections and Context
Ann E. Prentice

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The controversy over the concept of "information": A rejoinder to Professor Bates
Birger Hjørland