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2009 Volume 60 Issue 6

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Libcitations: A measure for comparative assessment of book publications in the humanities and social sciences
Howard D. White | Sebastian K. Boell | Hairong Yu | Mari Davis | Concepción S. Wilson | Fletcher T. H. Cole

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Definition and identification of journals as bibliographic and subject entities: Librarianship versus ISI Journal Citation Reports methods and their effect on citation measures
Stephen J. Bensman | Loet Leydesdorff

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Are you an invited speaker? A bibliometric analysis of elite groups for scholarly events in bioinformatics
Senator Jeong | Sungin Lee | Hong-Gee Kim

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Score-based bibliometric rankings of authors
Thierry Marchant

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A bibliometric evaluation of research performance in different subject categories
In Wook Nah | Dai-Shin Kang | Dae-Hee Lee | Yun-Chul Chung

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A flexible approach for extracting metadata from bibliographic citations
Eli Cortez | Altigran Soares da Silva | Marcos André Gonçalves | Filipe de Sá Mesquita | Edleno Silva de Moura

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The structure of the hyperlink network formed by the Web pages of Japanese public libraries
Shuntaro Kawamura | Yo-Hey Otake | Takafumi Suzuki

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Commonality of Web site visiting among countries
Chun-Yao Huang | Shin-Shin Chang

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Validation of psychometric research instruments: The case of information science
Yong-Mi Kim

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A study of the use of multi-objective evolutionary algorithms to learn Boolean queries: A comparative study
Antonio Gabriel López-Herrera | Enrique Herrera-Viedma | Francisco Herrera

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A particle swarm optimization-driven cognitive map approach to analyzing information systems project risk
Kun Chang Lee | Namho Lee | Honglei Li

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The representation of national political freedom on Web interface design: The indicators
Rowena Li

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Question types in public libraries' digital reference service in Finland: Comparing 1999 and 2006
Piritta Numminen | Pertti Vakkari

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Field dependence and classification: Implications for global information systems
Matthew McCool | Kirk St. Amant

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Generalizations of Egghe's g-index
Gerhard J. Woeginger

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A case study of the modified Hirsch index h_ accounting for multiple coauthors
Michael Schreiber

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Insights into the relationship between the h-index and self-citations
Ernesto Gianoli | Marco A. Molina-Montenegro

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Do we need the h index and its variants in addition to standard bibliometric measures?
Lutz Bornmann | Rüdiger Mutz | Hans-Dieter Daniel

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Are Web-based informational queries changing?
Chadwyn Tann | Mark Sanderson

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Measuring the likelihood property of scoring functions in general retrieval models
Richard Bache | Mark Baillie | Fabio Crestani

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European Modernism and the Information Society: Informing the Present, Understanding the Past
Colin B. Burke

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Everything is Miscellaneous: The Power of the New Digital Disorder
Grace Thornton