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2009 Volume 27 Issue 2

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Automatic metadata generation using associative networks
Marko A. Rodriguez | Johan Bollen | Herbert Van de Sompel

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An analysis of latent semantic term self-correlation
Laurence Anthony F. Park | Kotagiri Ramamohanarao

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An adaptive threshold framework for event detection using HMM-based life profiles
Chien Chin Chen | Meng Chang Chen | Ming-Syan Chen

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Information filtering and query indexing for an information retrieval model
Christos Tryfonopoulos | Manolis Koubarakis | Yannis Drougas

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User language model for collaborative personalized search
Gui-Rong Xue | Jie Han | Yong Yu | Qiang Yang

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Textual analysis of stock market prediction using breaking financial news: The AZFin text system
Robert P. Schumaker | Hsinchun Chen