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2009 Volume 27 Issue 4

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PageRank: Functional dependencies
Paolo Boldi | Massimo Santini | Sebastiano Vigna

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Building a framework for the probability ranking principle by a family of expected weighted rank
Edward Kai Fung Dang | Ho Chung Wu | Robert Wing Pong Luk | Kam-Fai Wong

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A few good topics: Experiments in topic set reduction for retrieval evaluation
John Guiver | Stefano Mizzaro | Stephen Robertson

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A distributed, service-based framework for knowledge applications with multimedia
David Dupplaw | Srinandan Dasmahapatra | Bo Hu | Paul H. Lewis | Nigel Shadbolt

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Cyberchondria: Studies of the escalation of medical concerns in Web search
Ryen W. White | Eric Horvitz

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MUADDIB: A distributed recommender system supporting device adaptivity
Domenico Rosaci | Giuseppe M. L. Sarnè | Salvatore Garruzzo