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2010 Volume 46 Issue 3

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Clustering dense graphs: A web site graph paradigm
Lefteris Moussiades | Athena Vakali

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Personalised news and scientific literature aggregation
Nikolaos Nanas | Manolis Vavalis | Elias N. Houstis

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Personalization by website transformation: Theory and practice
Saverio Perugini

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Automatic index construction for multimedia digital libraries
San-Yih Hwang | Wan-Shiou Yang | Kang-Di Ting

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Multimedia search capabilities of Chinese language search engines
Yun-Ke Chang | Miguel A. Morales Arroyo | Amanda Spink

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Web pages as a tool for a strategic description of the Spanish largest firms
Juan Llopis | Reyes Gonzalez | Jose Gasco

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Automated opinion detection: Implications of the level of agreement between human raters
Deanna J. Osman | John Yearwood | Peter Vamplew

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Online community information seeking: The queries of three communities in Southwestern Ontario
Frank P. Lambert

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Aspects of 'relevance' in the alignment of curriculum with educational standards
René F. Reitsma | Byron Marshall | Malinda Zarske

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Review of "Search Engines: Information Retrieval in Practice" by Croft, Metzler and Strohman
Berkant Barla Cambazoglu